Copy of Macros ONLY - No Coaching

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Copy of Macros ONLY - No Coaching


Get macronutrient targets created for you, from scratch (no cookie-cutter templates) along with an on boarding guide to explain how to start tracking. There is NO COACHING included in this package—you are on your own!

This is a good fit for:

  • Very independent, self-starters that need structured goals to aim for, but don’t need much support beyond that

  • People who are self-motivated and easily hold themselves accountable

  • Natural researchers who are comfortable doing their own research and “figuring it out” when they get stuck, have a question, or need to brainstorm ideas

This is NOT a good fit for:

  • Those who like feedback! If you want confirmation that you are on the right track, direction if you are having trouble, or enthusiastic cheering when you are doing a great job, then you should choose one of the coaching packages

  • If your goals change. One set of macros will not fit your goals if you are changing your training load (for example, transitioning from a base-building phase to high-intensity intervals), transitioning from off-season to competition season, or go from building lean muscle mass to cutting. The initial set of macros will also stop working if you lose a significant amount of weight—they need to be adjusted with changes in body weight. If the hours that you train each week will change, if you are transitioning from training to competing, or if your body weight could change significantly, choose a package that includes coaching.

  • You need to be held accountable. External accountability is a real motivating force for most people—if you need this, choose a package that includes coaching instead.

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