Keri Hatley is a huge nerd about everything nutrition. 

She has been fascinated by the effect that food has on performance and on your body for as long as she can remember, and has tried almost every eating style--including a five year stint as a vegetarian and a couple of years eating strict paleo. In early 2016, she started working with other nutrition coaches and began tracking her macronutrient intake. After four weeks, she had transformed her body and uncovered six-pack abs that had been hiding just under the surface for decades. Needless to say, she was hooked. 

An avid learner and researcher, Keri is continuously advancing her nutrition knowledge. She holds a Nutrition Coaching certificate from Precision Nutrition and has completed the Nutritional Therapy course from the Nutritional Therapy Association. 


Keri has a diverse athletic background that gives her a wide perspective in working with athletes. A ten-time varsity letterman, she was recruited to run on her High School's varsity cross country and varsity track team as an 8th grader. She continued to run competitively in college. She shifted gears and began racing bicycles in 2011, and raced cyclocross and mountain for Crosshairs Cycling out of Washington D.C., and rode for Primal/McDonald Audi out of Denver, Colorado. She dabbled briefly in Crossfit before discovering her new love of powerlifting in 2014. 

squat rack portrait.JPG

Keri founded Shred Science Nutrition with the goal of helping her clients lose weight and build lean muscle to unlock their optimum performance. She gets tremendous pride and enjoyment from helping clients--whether they consider themselves athletes or not--reach their goals through simple, nutritious eating.

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